Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Military graves

In Rectory Lane Cemetery there are many graves with military connections to conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries.

poppyIn all, there are 14 CWGC burials of the First World War and 13 of the Second World War in Rectory Lane Cemetery. In addition there are a further 23 others buried here who served in WWI or WWII, but for various reasons did not qualify for a CWGC headstone.

During World War I (1914–18), 200 men and boys who were born or lived in Berkhamsted lost their lives. While many who were killed in action were interred in the large battlefield Cemeteries of Belgium and France, a number were buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery. Some returned home and died later as a consequence of their wounds; others fell victim to the 1918 Flu Pandemic.

In Rectory Lane Cemetery there are a number of headstones of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC, formerly the Imperial War Graves Commission). These can be distinguished by their simple, white stone design. These were granted by the CWGC to military personnel who died in service — whether in combat, training accidents, air raids or from disease — during the periods around the First and Second World Wars:

  • 4 August 1914 – 31 August 1921 (WWI)
  • 3 September 1939 to 31 December 1947 (WWII)

These are the 50 names that have also been included on the memorial plaque in the Garden of Remembrance, commemorating those who died in WW1 & WWII as a result of injuries sustained.

Because of the age of this burial ground, we also remember those interred here who served in earlier conflicts, such as the Egyptian War (1882) or the Boer War (1899–1902).

68 burials found

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  • Plot x551

    Horace Allen (x551) plot

    Horace Frederick Allen (1893–1929)
    Served in WWI, Royal West Kent Regiment, wounded 1918
  • Plot 862 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Allen plot

    Private Reginald Alfred Allen (1915–1939)
    Served in WWII, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire regiment; apparent suicide in 1939
  • Plot 366 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Atkinson ( 366) plot

    Captain Rupert Norman Gould Atkinson (1896–1919)
    M.C., D.F.C., Croix de Guerre (Belgium), served in WWI Royal Flying Corps
  • Plot

    Joseph Avery plot

    Joseph Avery (1865 – 1919) (1896–1916)
    Bedford Regiment 1689 and Royal Defence Corp 13044
  • Plot 369 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Bavin plot

    Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Wynne Bavin (369) (1897–1916)
    2nd Lieut. RAF, died in plane crash at Upavon, Wiltshire in 1916
  • Plot

    Frederick Ernest Bedford plot

    Frederick Ernest Bedford (1893–1929)
    Driver Royal Field Artillery 605 & 890551
  • Plot 1125 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    John Harold Bird (1125) plot

    Private John Harold Bird (1907–1945)
    Private in the Home Guard, 7th Hertfordshire Battalion
  • Plot

    Arthur Roland Bolton plot

    Arthur Roland Bolton (1893–1919)
    Served in WWI, Royal Flying Corps; died of illness
  • Plot 939 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Plot for Borton, Ron

    Sergeant Ronald Herbert Borton (939) & (940?) (1920–1943)
    Sergeant, Army Air Corps, died in a plane crash
  • Plot

    Charles S. Brewer plot

    Charles S. Brewer (d. 1913)
    1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment, died during training in Kent
  • Plot 623 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Bunn plot

    James Bunn (623) (d. 1959)
    Master builder who served with the Royal Engineers on the Western Front in WWI
  • Plot 623

    Maurice Alex Bunn (623) plot

    Maurice Alex Bunn (623) (d. 1941)
    RAF Pilot Officer, killed in 1941 in a plane crash at RAF Ingham, Lincolnshire.
  • Plot 302

    Burge plot

    Bruce Burge (1895–1992)
    Architect of the ‘Dutch’ Houses around the Bridgewater Road area.
  • Plot

    Arthur Chennells plot

    Arthur Chennells (1890–1915)
  • Plot 540?

    Arthur J. Chennels plot

    Private Arthur John Chennells (1896–1916)
    Private, 2nd Bedfordshire Reg, wounded at Battle of Mons; accidental death on London Underground
  • Plot 632

    Clark plot

    Joseph Clark (1874–1954)
    Husband of Nellie Mathers Clark
  • Plot 813

    Clarke plot

    Private Harold Julius Clarke (1893–1915)
    Private, 4th Battalion Canadian Infantry, killed at Ypres
  • Plot 997 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Cook plot

    Hubert Edward Cook (d. 1940)
    Bombardier in the Royal Artillery, served in WWII
  • Plot 837

    Cooper Plot

    Arthur Thomas Cooper (837) (d. 1924)
    Air mechanic, Royal Navy Air Service; served in WWI on a minesweeper in Malta & the Aegean
  • Plot 917

    Maud Cottingham (917) plot

    Sister Maud Cottingham (917) (d. 1918)
    Northern Irish nurse, in service to the Inns of Court OTC, died in the Spanish flu epidemic
  • Plot

    Cornelius Crowley plot

    Cornelius Napier Crowley (1891-1929) (d. 1913)
    1st Class Stoker HMS Blanche, SS/109146
  • Plot 825

    Dean plot

    Matilda Eliza Dean
    Joseph Dean
    William Arthur Dean (1887 – 1917)
    Horace Dean (1891 – 1918)
    (d. 1913)
  • Plot 932 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Plot for Dixon, Furness

    Harry Francis Furness (932) (d. 1945)
    Craftsman, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Plot 779

    Albert Dollimore (779) plot

    Albert Dollimore (779) (1895–1918)
    Private, Army Service Corps, Reg. No. M2/188002
  • Plot 500

    Drage plot

    Alfred Drage (500)
    Frances Miriam Drage
  • Plot

    Frank Duncombe plot

    Frank Duncombe (1879–1926)
    Served in WWI, Bedfordshire Regiment
  • Plot 1072 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    L.G.B. Edmonds plot

    Sergeant Leslie George Bert Edmonds (d. 1945)
    Trainee RAF Air Gunner, killed by a V2 rocket in London
  • Plot 594 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Elliott plot

    Reginald Charles Elliott (d. 1916)
    Served as R.C. Newell, Royal Naval Reserve; accidental death prior to WWI
  • Plot 831 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Ernest Evans (831) plot

    Private Ernest Evans (831) (1896–1921)
    Served in France in WWI, later 1st Beds and Herts Battalion; accidental death
  • Plot 365

    Foot plot

    Brigadier General Richard Mildmay Foot (365) (1865–1933)
    Decorated army officer, served in the Boer War & WWI, director at Cooper, McDougall & Robertson
  • Plot x240

    Foster plot

    Lieutenant-Colonel Henry James Foster
    Edward Charles Foster
    Rose Foster
  • Plot 107

    Gambier plot

    Admiral George Cornish Gambier (d. 1879)
    Royal Navy Admiral
  • Plot

    Leonard Garment plot

    Leonard Garment (1888–1916)
    Private, Hertfordshire Regiment, died of tuberculosis
  • Plot

    Albert Edward Garrett (1897-1929)

    Albert Edward Garrett (1897-1929) (1893–1929)
    PO Rifles, 374662
  • Plot 1079 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Arthur W. Greenwood (1079) plot

    Arthur W. Greenwood (d. 1942)
    1891 - 1942 Chief Engine Room Artificer (Ch. E.R.A.), C/M 7196 Served in both world wars.
  • Plot 725

    Plot for Henley, Spendlove

    Nelson Henley
    Lieutenant Robert Douglas Spendlove ("Bobbie")
    (d. 1942)
  • Plot 934 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Hill plot

    James Grainger Hill (1921-1942) (d. 1942)
    Served in WWII, Royal Air Force
  • Plot 1142

    Leslie John Horwood (1142) plot

    Leslie John Horwood (1142) (d. 1944)
    Royal Artillery Gunner in WWII, died of tuberculosis aged 23
  • Plot 443

    William Hunt plot

    William Hunt (d. 1927)
    Liverpool born, keen cricketer, died at 32
  • Plot 285

    Keyser plot

    Francis Henry Keyser
    Emily Mary Keyser
    (d. 1927)
  • Plot

    Latchford plot

    Walter Latchford (1896-1923) (1857–1937)
    Lance Bombadier (890235) Royal Field Artillery
  • Plot 503 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Leggatt plot

    Cyril Leggatt (or Leggett) (503) (d. 1918)
    Ordinary Seaman, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves; accidental death
  • Plot 1128

    Peter Lawson Lubbock (1128) plot

    James Morton
    Peter Lawson Lubbock (1128)
    (d. 1918)
  • Plot 915 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Joseph A. Ludlow (915) plot

    Private Joseph Albert Ludlow (1888 – 1918) (1888–1918)
    Private, Hertfordshire Regiment & Royal Defence Corps, died on Armistice Day 1918
  • Plot

    Herbert S. Moss plot

    Private Herbert Stanley Moss (1897–1922)
    Prisoner of war in France during WWI
  • Plot 617 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Thomas Newns (617) plot

    Thomas Newns (617) (d. 1941)
    Private Pioneer Corps, 13080034
  • Plot x602

    Osborne plot

    Ernest John Osborne (x602)
    Archibald Ernest Osborne
    (d. 1941)
    Grave of father & son, fought in the second Boer War & WWI
  • Plot 292 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Perry Plot

    Serjeant Brian Perry (292) (d. 1915)
    Serjeant, Inns of Court Officer Training Corps
  • Plot 788 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Pike plot

    Private Sydney Eric Pike (788) (1894–1916)
    Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers WWI, died of injuries Battle of the Somme aged 22
  • Plot 916 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    5552 Private A. Pocock

    Private Arthur Pocock (1894–1918)
    Enlisted Hertfordshire Regiment, died at Hertfordshire County Asylum 1918
  • Plot 296a

    Porrett plot

    John Ernest Porrett (286a)
    Elizabeth Porrett
  • Plot 830 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Plot for Davis, Reynolds

    Corporal Ernest Alfred Reynolds (830) (d. 1920)
    Served in WWI, Bedfordshire Regiment, Battle of the Somme, Albert, Bazentin, Thiepval & Ancre; died of trench fever
  • Plot

    Arthur Ringsell plot

    Arthur Ringsell (1879–1926)
    Served in Boer War, Bedfordshire Regiment, WWI Army Service Corp. Committed suicide at Berkhamsted Castle 1926.
  • Plot 542 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    W.J. Short (542) plot

    Wilfred James Short (542) (1896–1916)
    Served in WWI at Ypres, Canadian Pioneers
  • Plot 427 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Plot for Simpson, Simpson, Walklate

    Second Lieutenant Leonard Simpson (427) (d. 1920)
    2nd Lieutenant, Royal West Surrey Regiment, died of influenza
  • Plot 261

    Horace Lockwood Smith Dorrien (261) plot

    Horace Lockwood Smith Dorrien (261) (1858–1930)
    Decorated WWI army officer and former Governor of Gibraltar
  • Plot x310

    Robert Algernon Smith-Dorrien plot

    Robert Algernon Smith-Dorrien (1814–1879)
    Churchwarden of St Peter's and brother of Augustus Smith
  • Plot 378

    Sprunt plot

    Jane Sprunt
    John Daziell Sprunt
  • Plot 1139 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Peter Robert Street (1139) plot

    Peter Robert Street (1139) (1920–1943)
    Flying Officer, RAF; one of 2 brothers who served in WWII; killed on a training exercise
  • Plot 1132 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    R. Street (1132) plot

    Richard Street (1132) (1922–1944)
    Sergeant, RAF; one of 2 brothers who served in WWII; killed on a training exercise
  • Plot 796

    Sutton plot

    Major-Gen. Alexander Arthur Sutton, KCB (d. 1941)
    Royal Army Medical Corps. Major-General, fought in the Boer War
  • Plot 747

    Sutton plot

    Colonel William Henry Arthur Douglas Sutton OBE (d. 1953)
    Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Plot 707

    Vercoe plot

    Frederick Gordon Vercoe (1893–1919)
    Lieutenant, The Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment, served in WWI in Egypt & India
  • Plot 341

    Arthur Campbell Walker (341) plot

    Arthur Campbell Walker (1833–1887)
    Captain in the Queen Victoria's Royal Body Guard and author
  • Plot 1083 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    John Murray Watt (1083) plot

    John Murray Watt (1083) (1903–1943)
    RAF Flight Lieutenant, served in WWII in Iceland
  • Plot

    Harry John Willmore plot

    Harry John Willmore (1896–1921)
    Served in Royal Navy (service number 236852), died only eight years after being demobbed, aged 39
  • Plot 772 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Ernest Willmore (772) plot

    Lieutenant Ernest George Willmore (1894–1920)
    Lieutenant, Royal Garrison Artillery; wounded in WWI
  • Plot 693 WGCommonwealth War Grave

    Plot for Wood, Jordan

    Corporal Charles Wood (693) (1887–1918)
    Air Mechanic, Royal Flying Corps/RAF, served in WWI; died on Armistice Day 1918


WG = Commonwealth War Grave = served WWI/WWII

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