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Callard plot


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Memorial details

Family name Callard
Burial date Not known
Burial capacity 2 (Full used)
Burial depth Not known
From burial books?
Burial visible (2019)?
Burial visible (1991)?   

The top of the headstone is adorned with a beautifully carved laurel wreath, a symbol of victory over death. The inscription quotes lines from two popular Christian hymns, “Abide with me” by Henry Francis Lyte, and “Peace, perfect peace” by Edward Henry Bickersteth.

In loving memory
Theresa Ann Callard
who entered into rest Nov 30 1929
aged 75 years
Abide with me
also of
Joseph Callard
brother of the above
who passed peacefully to his rest
May 19, 1934 in his 72nd year
“Peace, perfect peace”

Condition: satisfactory

The grave has been restored and planted by grave adopters, although the headstone is still listing uphill.


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