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Family name Cooper
Burial date 1885
Burial capacity 4 (1 used)
Burial depth Not known
From burial books?
Burial visible (2019)?
Burial visible (1991)?   

The Cooper Family Vault is situated among eclectic cluster of headstones in the centre of the cemetery, close to the Memorial Arch. It is the largest memorial in the cemetery, consisting of a tall square pillar on two plinths, surmounted by a stone cross inscribed with the Sacred Monogram IHS.

16 members of the Cooper family are recorded on the four faces of the pillar. Among the names is William Cooper, a noted industrialist who developed the world’s first sheep-dip at Cooper’s chemical works, the large family firm that was once located nearby.

Sir Richard Powell Cooper was created a baronet by King Edward VII in 1905 for services to Agriculture, and three Cooper Baronets are interred here. In its heyday the firm was the largest employer of the town.

The Cooper family played a prominent part in the affairs of the town for most of the twentieth century. The family, the firm and Clunbury Press are still remembered fondly by the people of Berkhamsted.

North East South West
William Henry Cooper
(son of W. F. & M. Cooper)
Born February 26th 1873
Died February 6th 1876
Sacred to the memory of Mary Cooper of this parish
Born December 2, 1809
Died August 28, 1874
Richard Powell Cooper
(First Baronet)
Born September 21 1847
Died July 30 1913
Sarah Cooper
(sister of William Cooper)
Born September 25th 1816
Died April 16th 1891
William Farmer Cooper
Born March 2nd 1845
Died October 21st 1882
William Cooper
Born December 26th 1813
Died May 20th 1885
Also his wife
Elizabeth Anne Cooper
Born July 3rd 1843
Died January 30th 1915
Herbert Henry Cooper
Born September 10th 1850
Died August 2, 1891
Marian Cooper
Wife of William Farmer Cooper
Born November 17th 1850
Died July 10th 1935
Richard Philip Cooper
Born July 26th 1902
Died August 22th 1966
Richard Ashmole Cooper
(Second Baronet)
Born August 11 1874
Died March 5 1946
Florence Mary
Daughter of the above
Born 17–11–18 71
Died 16–1–1969
Also his wife
Kathleen Duncan Cooper
Born June 25th 1902
Died November 14th 1996
Also his wife
Alice Elizabeth Cooper
Born April 18th 1879
Died January 12th 1963
William Herbert Cooper
(Third Baronet)
Born March 7th 1901
Died June 8th 1970
Also his wife
Eileen Dolores Patricia Cooper
Born September 26th 1900
Died January 28th 1980



Condition: good


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