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Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

In Memoriam: Welch plot
yvonne tayler – stewkley, bucks

Sadly I never met my great grandad Frederick Welch but I clearly recall my great grandma Sophie who was a very kindly, tall, elegant lady. I am thrilled to discover that they are resting in the wildlife area of Rectory Lane Cemetery. I am going to write a poem and dedicate a glass tile to both great grandparents which is a beautifully holistic design within the remembrance area. Frederick fought and survived WW1. He met. married and settled in Berkhamsted with Sophie where they had one child, my Nanny Ivylene. Like many locals my great grandad worked for Cooper, McDougall & Robertson. In his spare time (and I can’t imagine there was much leisure time in those days) he played the euphonium with the Berkhamsted Brass Band. Awesome. My late dad was named Frederick after his grandad Welch and the name Frederick lives on in my family as my 3rd grandson is named after my Dad, Frederick Tayler. Love eternally. Yvonne

Welch plot