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The Hope Hall

The Hope Hall
Kings Road, Berkhamsted
HP4 3B

The Hope Hall was originally built in 1875 as a worship hall for the Plymouth Brethren by Samuel Alexander.

In the 1860s, members of this non-conformist, evangelical Christian denomination met in private houses for worship. They began a house church in a cottage in Castle Street, and as their numbers grew, they began to use Prospect Place Wesleyan Chapel on Highfield Road, and their larger meetings took place in Berkhamsted Town Hall.

Samuel Alexander led the Brethren congregation from 1870. He was an inspirational preacher, and under his leadership they built their own meeting hall on King’s Road, the Hope Hall.

In 1969 the Hope Hall was sold and continued as a place of Christian worship under the new name of the King’s Road Evangelical Church.



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