Completion of Works | Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Completion of Works

The end of September marks a key milestone in the life of the Rectory Lane Cemetery Project – the completion of the capital works.  The three-year physical transformation programme funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and our own project fundraising, has been delivered.

It is also a key milestone in the life of the Project Manager, Dr James Moir, who has worked tirelessly for seven years to realise the vision of the project, and is responsible for delivering it on time and to budget!

James Moir at the gates

Project Manager James Moir

And in the lives of Will Jackson’s small landscaping team who have set the last stone and concreted in their last fence post.

Will Jackson's landscaping team

Will Jackson’s landscaping team

From Dead Space to Living Place

It’s easy to forget (already!) how it has changed and what has been achieved – here are a few pictures …

transformation of the cemetery

transformation of the cemetery


list of contributors and contractors

list of contributors and contractors

When will the Cemetery be open?

There are some areas of soft landscaping which have been topsoiled and grass-seeded. We want to give these areas the opportunity to grow but are hoping to open the Cemetery fully on 1st November.  During October we are offering small group, volunteer-guided tours.

If you are a relative wishing to visit a grave we will open up the cemetery for that visit – just contact Kate Campbell, the Community Engagement Officer on 07866 024254.

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