Update on the Seat of Remembrance | Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Update on the Seat of Remembrance

Seat of Remebrance in a state of decayWe are delighted to announce that restoration work is under way on the Seat of Remembrance, the stone bench decorated with carved stone red setter dogs in Rectory Lane Cemetery.

The Seat of Remembrance was erected in 1934 by Lucy Foot in memory of her husband, Brigadier General Richard Mildmay Foot, a decorated World War I officer. It was adorned with red setters, the breed which Richard Foot showed at Crufts. The bench fell into terrible decay, but its charming story ignited the imagination of the people of Berkhamsted, who wanted to restore this lovely piece of local heritage.


stonemason Sam Kelly taking the Seat of Remembrance away for repairFollowing our success in securing £8,000 funding through the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme, the Seat of Remembrance is now being restored to its former glory. The seat has been taken away by Sam Kelly, stonemason who is repairing the back and bench ends featuring red setters.

We’re looking forward to the bench being unveiled by Professor Sarah Foot, Richard’s great granddaughter at our special Heritage Open Day on September 11th 2016. Come along with all the family to enjoy tours, refreshments, living history (including a reappearance by Mr Ghost, the grave-digger), a horse-drawn hearse, workshops and a special evening lantern procession.

red setter dog Richard Mildmay Foot