Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Memorial/Celebration of Life wall

The Memorial wall is a wooden structure within the Garden of Remembrance in the Memorialisation area. It consists of two narrow outer panels, up which climbing roses will be grown, and two wider inner panels, onto which commemorative tiles can be fixed.

We have commissioned a local glass artist, Jessica Ecott, to create over 450 fused glass tiles, which when hung together, create two overall images of a garden. The two images are shown below, along with photographs of her making the tiles in her studio.

Individual tiles can be purchased, in sequence, and engraved with text – to commemorate a loved one, an important life event, something you wish to celebrate and have a long-term reminder of.

Over time, as these individual glass tiles are added, we will be creating a beautiful and growing artwork that keeps the cemetery alive as a space for remembering and gives passers-by and visitors pause for thought.

If you would like to participate in this process, please contact us for further details of the commissioning process.


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