Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Local Business

Support from the local business community is key to the Cemetery, particularly as we move into the final year of the Lottery Funded project where sustainability is top of the agenda.

Support can be in financial terms – sponsoring elements of our Garden of Remembrance, sponsoring tree planting or seat installation.

Support can be in in terms of time.  For example, workplace volunteering – providing paid days to employees to devote to activities in the Cemetery or commissioning corporate team-building activities, or offering skills training for volunteers.

Employees are increasingly expecting employers to enable them to engage in charitable activities – and research by Great Place to Work shows that employers who do so gain some significant benefits: improved employee retention; pride in where they work and increased employer brand awareness; increased employee empowerment; stronger, more connected teams; new skills, the ability to uncover future leaders; happier, healthier staff.

Their report states : ‘As the ratio of gen Z and millennial workers increases, companies will find it increasingly difficult to differentiate through the traditional perks of fancy offices, high salaries and health plans. Those that align to the values of the new working majority – who place a greater emphasis on their personal time, flexibility and making a difference in the world – will attract the best minds and do the best work. Ultimately having an impact on their organization’s bottom line.’

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