Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Restore a Monument

Responsibility for maintaining individual graves lies with the descendants of the person buried there.  We would be delighted to hear from you if you have a relative or relatives buried in the Cemetery. If you are not sure where their plot is, hopefully we can help you locate their grave(s) with the assistance of the burial records.

If there is a monument, headstone or kerbs associated with the grave, we can send you a condition report (prepared by Cliveden Conservation in 2016). If the memorial requires some work to it (unfortunately the majority do), this will be outlined in the report. Several families have now paid to have memorials restored. If you wished to explore this option, we would arrange a site meeting with our stonemason, Will Yendell of Signs in Stone, who is able to undertake the works to the required standard, including conserving damaged masonry, replacing missing stonework, re-carving lettering and replacing lead lettering. The extent of the repair would be agreed and costed in advance.

Once the memorial has been restored, you may want to ensure it is properly looked after – we can put arrangements in place to tend graves on a longer- term basis.


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