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Every role in society is reflected in the stories of those buried in the Cemetery – we have authors, photographers, publicans, boat builders, wheelwrights, surgeons, soldiers, straw plaiters, tax inspectors, journalists, campaigners, mothers, market gardeners, telegraph operators, agricultural labourers …

We have memorials formed of different stones from around the country, carved into different shapes, decorated with different symbols and restored with heritage skills; epitaphs inspired by poetry, hymns, prayers and concepts about death …

Everyone loves to discover stories and learn new facts.  Guided tours offering different insights are a popular activity with our visitors and we are always looking to develop new tours and new guides.

This role could suit you if you:

  • Have experience of guiding or leading tours
  • Are interested in social history or another aspect of the cemetery
  • Are comfortable leading and talking to small groups
  • Enjoy taking on a historical persona and performing.

We will:

  • Create the tour with you /rehearse you in the tour if already existing
  • Provide costume and props if appropriate
  • Help you to develop your skills
  • Accompany you on your tours



Meet the Volunteers

Robin McMorran

Moira and Pete Bishop are grave gardeners at the Rectory Lane Cemetery. As volunteers, they look after two...

Posted by Rectory Lane Cemetery on Friday, 25 November 2022

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