Help with event organisation and delivery | Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Help with event organisation and delivery

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The Rectory Lane Cemetery Project organises community events such as Heritage Open Days and Chiltern Walking Festival tours, wildlife and history tours to promote the Cemetery ‘as a pivotal heritage asset’.  The Cemetery hosts the annual BerkoFest Book Festival programme for children and a variety of adult and children’s theatre performances as part of ‘welcoming all’ to the space.

These events are only possible through the hard work of our volunteers. Roles include:

  • Pre-event: marketing (distributing flyers or posters, promoting on social media, local radio)
  • Pre-event: preparation (erecting gazebos and putting out chairs, setting up displays, signage and decorations)
  • At the event: hosting (ticket desk, welcoming and information, refreshments, tours and guiding)
  • Post-event: clearing down and returning the Cemetery to its peace.

So different skills needed for different roles – but being part of a public event is always fun and satisfying and might suit you.


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