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Burials and Events in History

Discover the history of Rectory Lane Cemetery, with burials and events

", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/generic-archway.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" }, "date": [ { "startDate":"1803,1", "headline":"Charlotte Catherine Anne Egerton becomes Countess Of Bridgewater", "text":"John William Egerton becomes the 7th Earl of Bridgewater and moves to Ashridge with his wife Charlotte", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/countess-bridgewater-locket.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Read more: Ashridge House" } }, { "startDate":"1835,1", "headline":"A new Rectory for St Peter’s", "text":"Rev John Crofts, rector of St Peter's since 1810, oversees many changes in the parish. Around 1835, he builds a grand new Rectory at the top of Rectory Lane. The old 18th-century Rectory, which was the birthplace of poet William Cowper in 1731, is demolished.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/rectory.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1837,1", "headline":"The Industrial Revolution", "text":"The Industrial Revolution brings about change across Britain. The rural town of Berkhamsted is transformed when the London and Birmingham Railway company opens a new railway line through Berkhamsted in 1837. Improved living standards lead to population growth, and between 1800 and 1850, the population of England doubles. More people naturally leads to more deaths, and Britain's churchyards begin to fill up. In Berkhamsted, the first discussions are held in 1837 about finding a new burial ground.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Berkhampstead_railway_station_1838-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Read more: Berkhamsted Railway Station" } }, { "startDate":"1838,1", "headline":"Queen Victoria crowned", "text":"Victoria becomes Queen of the United Kingdom and is crowned at Westminster Abbey on 28 June 1838", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Coronation_portrait_of_Queen_Victoria_1838-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1839,1", "headline":"Discussions for a new burial ground", "text":"With a growing population, churchyards across Britain face capacity problems as parishes try to cope with the increased number of burials. The churchyard of St Peter's Great Berkhamsted is running out of space and discussions continue in the vestry meetings for an additional burial ground.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/st-peters-churchyard-1870.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1841,1", "headline":"Land for sale", "text":"In 1841, an orchard and meadow behind Egerton House on the High Street were put up for auction. The St Peter's vestry sanctioned the purchase of a new Parish Burial Ground.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/egerton-house.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1842,1", "headline":"Burial: Richard Burn 28 November 1842", "text":"Richard Burn dies in 1842, the year in which Rectory Lane Cemetery is opened, and is one of the first burials. Richard was butler for 32 years at Ashlyn’s Hall, serving the banker James Smith and later his son Augustus Smith.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//richard-burn-300-earliest-plot-1586647708.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Richard Burn 28 November 1842" } }, { "startDate":"1842,1", "headline":"Rectory Lane Cemetery founded", "text":"Now a wealthy widow, Charlotte Catherine Anne, Countess Of Bridgewater purchases land from the Egerton House property sale. Lady Bridgewater is renowned for her charitable acts, and she donates the land to the Parish of Great Berkhamsted for the purpose of establishing a new detached cemetery. Additional donations come from the London and Birmingham Railway Company, the Grand Junction Canal Company and parishioners. The cemetery is consecrated on 11th October 1842 by the Bishop of Lincoln.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cemetery-map-1873.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1843,1", "headline":"Landscaping work", "text":"Rectory Lane Cemetery is landscaped for the first burials, and the Churchwardens' Accounts for Easter 1843 show that Mapplebecks & Laws charged £9 16s 3d for mowing equipment.A book of the same year, On the Laying Out, Planting, and Managing of Cemeteries and on the Improvement of Churchyards by J.C Loudon, states that a total of £109 10s 9d was spent on the burial ground.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/jc-loudon-book.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1845,1", "headline":"Burial: John Stratton 1 November 1845", "text":"Domestic servant to Charlotte Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater - who gave the land for the new Rectory Lane cemetery. Buried within a week of his death at 32 from tuberculosis, and one of the first to be laid to rest here. Little else known about him.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//hatton-stratton-126-plot-1588838522.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: John Stratton 1 November 1845" } }, { "startDate":"1845,1", "headline":"The Sexton is kitted out", "text":"The Sexton — the church officer responsible for buildings and graveyards — now has a new cemetery in the parish to look after. Parish records show that the Great Berkhamsted Sexton John Parkins is provided with a Sexton's Coat & Sundries at a cost of £4 12s 0d.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1846,1", "headline":"1846 Parish accounts", "text":"Local tradesmen and labourers are employed by the Church for the maintenance of the Cemetery. In the 1846 Great Berkhamsted Parish accounts, Pocock is paid 12s 7d for sharpening tools, and two men are paid a total of 9 shillings for carting earth.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1846,1", "headline":"Diocese of Rochester", "text":"Since Norman times, church parishes in most of Hertfordshire had been part of the Diocese of Lincoln, a vast ecclesiastical territory that stretched from the Humber to the edge of London. In 1846, a reorganisation in the Church of England transfers Hertfordshire parishes, including Great Berkhamsted, from the Diocese of Lincoln to the Diocese of Rochester. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1849,1", "headline":"Death of Charlotte Catherine Anne, Countess of Bridgewater 11 February 1849", "text":"Charlotte Catherine Anne, Countess of Bridgewater, who donated the land for the Cemetery dies at Ashridge in 1849, aged 85. She is not buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery but in Little Gaddesden Church. Her gift is commemorated on a large memorial stone in the centre of the cemetery. Great Berkhamsted Parish accounts for this year include payment of £6 1s 1d to Matthews, Pocock, Austin and Skinner for work at the Burial Ground. ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/countess-of-bridgewater.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Charlotte Catherine Anne, Countess of Bridgewater 11 February 1849" } }, { "startDate":"1850,1", "headline":"Burial: William Halsey (d.1850) 26 February 1850", "text":"William Halsey was a bricklayer by trade. He served in the Berkhamsted militia from 1758. Although from Northchurch Parish, he married Charlotte Simmonds in St Peter’s Church, and their seven children were baptised there. Charlotte died and William married his second wife Hannah in old age. He died in 1850 and was buried here with his grandchildren, ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//halsey-plot-2-1588781061.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: William Halsey (d.1850) 26 February 1850" } }, { "startDate":"1851,1", "headline":"Death of Rev. John Crofts", "text":"Rev. John Crofts, Rector of St Peter's Church since 1810, dies in office. Crofts supported the establishment of Rectory Lane Cemetery and built the new Victorian Rectory at the top of the lane. The Churchwardens receive half monumental fees of Burial Ground £11.0.6d from late Rev. J. Crofts.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1852,1", "headline":"Cooper’s Chemical Works", "text":"William Cooper sets up his agricultural chemicals factory, Cooper & Nephews, which becomes a major business in Berkhamsted for over 120 years", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/coopers-manufactory.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Read more: Coopers Chemical Works" } }, { "startDate":"1853,1", "headline":"Burial: George Honor 16 June 1853", "text":"George Honor came from a farming family in Wing, Buckinghamshire. He owned a number of cottages in Wing, inherited from his father. George and his wife Harriet came to Berkhamsted c.1818. They had a large family; their sons were farm labourers, while their daughters worked as straw plaiters, a common trade in the mid-19th century. In the 1840s, the family lived in Grubbs Lane (now Chesham Road). George Honour died in 1853 and Sarah in 1878. They share a grave with their daughter Ann.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-honor-honor-daniels-1588958039.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: George Honor 16 June 1853" } }, { "startDate":"1853,1", "headline":"A change of sexton", "text":"John Parkins resigns as the Parish Sexton. He is replaced by Thomas Heath.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1854,1", "headline":"Parish accounts for 1854", "text":"Matthews paid £13.6.4 for new posts and altering the Cemetery entrance gates. Nash paid £32.16.3 for rebuilding Cemetery wall.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1855,1", "headline":"St Peter’s churchyard closed", "text":"Rectory Lane Cemetery is now the town's main burial ground. The churchyard next to St Peter's which has served as the local burial ground since medieval times is closed by Order of Council on 19th October 1855.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/churchyard-graves.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1859,1", "headline":"Burial: Mary Holliday (139) 22 September 1859", "text":"Mary was the wife of John Holliday, a wheelwright. The family business served the booming horse-drawn carriage route through Berkhamsted in the 18th and 19th centuries. They had a large family and Holliday Street was later named after the family. Mary died in 1859, only 2 weeks before John. Her grandson George James later adapted the family business into Berkhamsted's first bicycle shop. Three gravestones in Rectory Lane Cemetery mark the burials of this important Berkhamsted family.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//holliday-plot-4-1587842176.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Mary Holliday (139) 22 September 1859" } }, { "startDate":"1859,1", "headline":"Burial: John Holliday 8 October 1859", "text":"John Holliday was a wheelwright and coachbuilder, a trade that served the booming horse-drawn carriage route through Berkhamsted in the 18th and 19th centuries. He and his wife Mary had a large family and Holliday Street was later named after the family. John's grandson George James adapted the family business into Berkhamsted's first bicycle shop. Three gravestones in Rectory Lane Cemetery mark the burials of this important Berkhamsted family.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//holliday-plot-4-1587842176.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: John Holliday 8 October 1859" } }, { "startDate":"1866,1", "headline":"Battle of Berkhamsted Common", "text":"Augustus Smith of Ashlyns Hall opposes Lord Brownlow's attempt to fence off common land", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1867,1", "headline":"Burial: Thomas Whateley (256) 28 April 1867", "text":"Thomas Whateley was a respected surgeon at the West Herts Infirmary and Medical Officer to the Great Berkhampstead Union. He and his brother George had followed in the father's footsteps to become medical doctors. Thomas owned Egerton House, the mansion which stood at the edge of the Cemetery on the High Street. Along with Augustus Smith, he opposed Earl Brownlow's plan to enclose Berkhamsted Common in 1865. Thomas donated the Great West Window in St Peter's Church in 1867.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//thomas-whateley-256-1587977081.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Thomas Whateley (256) 28 April 1867" } }, { "startDate":"1868,1", "headline":"Burial: John Hyde (45) 10 August 1868", "text":"John Hyde, originally from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, was a tax inspector. He had brushes with the law for tax irregularities and alleged sexual assault. In the 1850s he and his second wife Mary were living in style at Highfield House, a large Victorian villa overlooking Three Close Lane. John died on on 10th August 1868, and Mary nearly 10 years later. She and John are buried together in the Rectory Lane Cemetery — one of the oldest graves in the lower section of the cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//hyde-plot-1588777807.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: John Hyde (45) 10 August 1868" } }, { "startDate":"1869,1", "headline":"Burial: John Pope Fordom 20 September 1869", "text":"Fordom, a variant of Fordham, is an ancient Berkshire name. John Pope Fordom was from Berkhamsted. He and Elizabeth settled on a farm in Little Kimble in Buckinghamshire. A man of some standing in the community, he helped to found the Wycombe Poor Law Union,served at the Assizes courts in Aylesbury and was an exhibitor and judge at agricultural shows.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-fordom-fordam-1588788009.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: John Pope Fordom 20 September 1869" } }, { "startDate":"1870,1", "headline":"St Peter’s Church restored", "text":"The Victorian enthusiasm for church restoration is at its height, and overseen by Rector James Hutchinson,  the renowned Gothic Revival architect William Butterfield carries out a major renovation of the decaying St Peter's Church. Butterfield's changes include refacing the church with flint, and replacing interior fixtures and stained glass. Many original medieval features are lost in the renovations. At the Cemetery, a public subscription is opened to raise funds towards replacing the wooden gates and gateposts at the Cemetery entrance on Rectory Lane.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/wm-butterfield.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Read more: St Peter’s Church" } }, { "startDate":"1872,1", "headline":"Burial: Frederick Bullock 7 July 1872", "text":"Frederick Bullock was a clergyman and one of the two Bullock brothers who drowned in a boating accident in Switzerland in 1872. He was commemorated with a stained-glass window in St Peter's Church.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//bullock-plot-1592255421.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Frederick Bullock 7 July 1872" } }, { "startDate":"1873,1", "headline":"Gate fundraising problems", "text":"A fundraising appeal is launched for the church to erect new cemetery gates. In 1873 a parish meeting is held to take into consideration 'the deficiency in the Fund agreed to be raised for providing new gates to the Cemetery'. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1876,1", "headline":"Burial: William Claridge (14) 18 September 1876", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//william-claridge-14-1586730329.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: William Claridge (14) 18 September 1876" } }, { "startDate":"1877,1", "headline":"Sexton Thomas Heath dies", "text":"Thomas Heath resigns from the post of Sexton of the Great Berkhamsted Parish after serving 24 years. He is succeeded by George Pearce. Heath dies on 5th Sept 1877 and the funeral is held of 'our late respected sexton'. Parish accounts reflect a £5 donation to improving the walks etc. in the Burial Ground.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1877,1", "headline":"Diocese of St Albans", "text":"The Parish of Great Berkhamsted, part of the Diocese of Rochester since 1837, becomes part of the Church of England's new Diocese of St Albans", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1878,1", "headline":"Burial: Mary Hyde 14 April 1878", "text":"Mary Hyde, originally from Bristol, was married to tax inspector John Hyde. In the 1850s they were living in style at Highfield House, a large Victorian villa overlooking Three Close Lane. After John died in 1868, Mary lived on Berkhamsted High Street with her step-daughter. Mary died on 14th April 1878 and she and John are buried together in the Rectory Lane Cemetery — one of the oldest graves in the lower section of the cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//hyde-plot-1588777807.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Mary Hyde 14 April 1878" } }, { "startDate":"1878,1", "headline":"Burial: George Frederick Whateley 16 August 1878", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//whateley-plot-2-1588783932.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: George Frederick Whateley 16 August 1878" } }, { "startDate":"1878,1", "headline":"OS Map", "text":"A 1st edition OS Map surveyed 1873-1878 shows the original cemetery layout. Note the terrace, paths (including bulb on the axial path and oblique angle of northern path), trees, and Cowper's Well on the boundary.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cemetery-map-1873.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1879,1", "headline":"Public Health Act", "text":"The Public Health (Interments) Act 1879 is passed by Parliament, setting out the regulations for the construction and operation of mortuaries and cemeteries and giving local authorities responsibility for running burial grounds.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/royal-arms-victoria.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1880,1", "headline":"Burial Act", "text":"The Burial Act of 1880 is passed, enabling ministers of non-conformist Christian denominations such as Methodists or Baptists to conduct funerals in Church of England churchyards, and not restricted to using Anglican burial rites. The first burial in Rectory Lane Cemetery under the Burial Act takes place, he burial of a child, with Rev. James Menzies of Berkhamsted Congregational Church (which once stood on the corner of Castle St and Chapel St) officiating.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/royal-arms-victoria.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1881,1", "headline":"Burial: Thomas Thomas the elder 22 October 1881", "text":"Thomas Thomas was a Welshman, from rural Cardiganshire. He moved to London and then to Berkhamsted in the 1830s, working variously as a grocer, registrar, journalist, newsagent and postmaster. He and his wife Harriet had at least 8 children; the eldest, also called Thomas, was a reporter too but died aged only 22. Also buried in the family plot is William Reginald Thomas (“Little Willie”), presumed to be Thomas's baby grandson.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//thomas-plot-1588838058.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Thomas Thomas the elder 22 October 1881" } }, { "startDate":"1881,1", "headline":"Primitive Methodist Funeral", "text":"Another early non-conformist funeral is held at Rectory Lane Cemetery, conducted by a Primitive Methodist minister — made possible since the Burials Bill became law. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1884,1", "headline":"1884 Vestry meeting minutes", "text":"At a Vestry meeting in 1883, Mr Dorrien-Smith is recorded as saying that 'people took great interest in the Cemetery and visited it frequently'", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1887,1", "headline":"Burial: John Pethybridge the elder d. 1887 (147) 29 July 1887", "text":"John Pethybridge was a master coachbuilder in Berkhamsted High Street. the family business, established in 1832, served the busy coaching route that ran through the town. He and his wife Sarah had a large family. Pethybridge was once a familiar local name that disappeared as their children moved to other counties after John's death and the demise of the coaching trade.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//pethybridge-plot-1588781356.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: John Pethybridge the elder d. 1887 (147) 29 July 1887" } }, { "startDate":"1887,1", "headline":"Burial: Frederick Hale 14 February 1887", "text":"Frederick Hale was a draper from London. By 1850, Frederick was running a draper's shop on Berkhamsted High Street. His first wife, Eliza Cockayne, died in 1862. He remarried to Mary Hammond in 1864 and they had 11 children. Four daughters died in infancy and were buried together in Rectory Lane Cemetery. Frederick died in 1887 and was buried here with Eliza. Mary emigrated to Australia in 1889 with their surviving children. ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-hale-hall-1588837859.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Frederick Hale 14 February 1887" } }, { "startDate":"1887,1", "headline":"Richard Ghost dies", "text":"Richard Ghost, gravedigger in Rectory Lane Cemetery, dies age 62 in Castle Street ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1887,1", "headline":"Burial: Thomas Tompkins (d.1887) 13 August 1887", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//tompkins-plot-4-1588783458.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Thomas Tompkins (d.1887) 13 August 1887" } }, { "startDate":"1893,1", "headline":"Burial: William Henry Heading (junior, d.1893) (69) 4 November 1893", "text":"William Henry Heading was a grocer on Berkhamsted High Street. His father, also called William Henry, ran the Queen's Arms on the corner of Highfield Road. The younger William married Susannah Martin in 1876. Their only child (another William Henry) died in infancy.William died in 1893 and was buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery. The inscription on his headstone was "Lived respected died regretted". Susannah remarried but in 1917 she was buried with here with first husband and their infant son. ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-heading-bird-heading-1588778137.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: William Henry Heading (junior, d.1893) (69) 4 November 1893" } }, { "startDate":"1894,1", "headline":"Burial: Jane Whateley (256) 10 February 1894", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/whateley-plot-1584198730.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Jane Whateley (256) 10 February 1894" } }, { "startDate":"1894,1", "headline":"First Cemetery extension", "text":"By the end of the 19th century, the Cemetery is running out of burial space. The Cemetery has its first extension to the south, creating creating another acre for burials. About £1,000 is required for the wall and laying out the ground.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cemetery-map-1894.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1895,1", "headline":"Burial: Emma Chilton(224) 4 May 1895", "text":"Emma Chilton (née Harris) was married to grocer George Chilton. Emma died in 1895 aged 50, leaving George and four children. She was buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery. George later served as a churchwarden of St Peter's church (1900-1919). He remarried in 1903 to Matilda Sear. Matilda died in 1916 and she was buried here with her mother Mary Ann Sear. When George died in 1929, he was buried with Emma. ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//chilton-plot-3-1588960532-553x1024.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Emma Chilton(224) 4 May 1895" } }, { "startDate":"1896,1", "headline":"Cemetery extension consecrated", "text":"The 1894 extension to Rectory Lane Cemetery is consecrated by The Lord Bishop of St Albans on Sunday 1st November 1896. The cost of the addition to the cemetery has been met by voluntary contributions.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/1921-consecration-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1897,1", "headline":"Burial: Emily Jane Burnett (394) 2 May 1897", "text":"Emily Jane Burnett was a governess who lived in Wokingham. She and her husband Charles had three children, and their eldest, Thomas Mountford Burnett, came to Berkhamsted and served as assistant curate of St Peter's Church 1891-1897. Thomas officiated at many funerals in Rectory Lane Cemetery. In 1897, Emily fell ill on a visit to her son and died in Berkhamsted. The Rector Arthur Johnson performed her funeral — after this,Thomas did not conduct any more funerals in the Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//emily-jane-burnett394-plot-1589009073.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Emily Jane Burnett (394) 2 May 1897" } }, { "startDate":"1897,1", "headline":"Right of way dispute", "text":"The right of way to the new cemetery is in question due to an 'iron chain being placed round the gate and post' creating 'an obstruction across Three Closes' ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1898,1", "headline":"1898 Cemetery account", "text":"The usual deficit on the cemetery account 'and now the cemetery was open and used by all' Mr Dorrien-Smith 'thought all should contribute'. Cemetery is paying 15s for Water to the Great Berkhamsted Water Works Company.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1899,1", "headline":"1899 Cemetery accounts", "text":"George Pearce is paid £9.00 for work done in Cemetery from Dec 25th to June 29th 1899.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1900,1", "headline":"Burial: Millicent Augusta Nelson (667) 5 April 1900", "text":"Millicent Augusta Nelson was a farmer's daughter from Sparham, Norfolk. Little is known about her life, except that she attended a boarding school in Foulsham and died at the young age of 19. She lies buried alone in Rectory Lane Cemetery. Why did this young visitor to Berkhamsted woman die 110 miles from home? Many burials here have undiscovered stories yet to be told — perhaps you can help?", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//millicent-augusta-nelson-667-plot-1589027984.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Millicent Augusta Nelson (667) 5 April 1900" } }, { "startDate":"1900,1", "headline":"Vestry relinquishes Cemetery management", "text":"The Vestry resolves that 'In future the management of the Cemetery be left in the hands of the Churchwardens'.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1901,1", "headline":"King Edward VII", "text":" Upon the death of Queen Victoria, Edward becomes King ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/edward-vii-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1902,1", "headline":"Burial: Susannah Roper (385) 3 March 1902", "text":"Susannah Hurrel Ruffel grew up in Cambridgeshire. Like many women in the 19th century she probably went into service in a wealthy house. The only alternative to service was marriage, and in 1884 she married James Edward Roper, manager of the Berkhamsted Gasworks in the Wilderness. They lived in Mill Street has had a son, Edward James, born in 1889. Unfortunately, Susannah died in 1902, when Edward was only 13 years old.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//roper-plot-1589008823.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Susannah Roper (385) 3 March 1902" } }, { "startDate":"1902,1", "headline":"1902 Cemetery accounts", "text":"According to the Rector, a sum of some £15 is in hand for expenditure in the Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1903,1", "headline":"1903 extension", "text":"The Cemetery is running out of space again. In 1903 the 3rd Earl Brownlow, Adelbert Brownlow-Cust (a successor to the dowager Countess Charlotte Catherine Anne) donates a tract of land to the south. This enables the Cemetery to be extended, creating more room for burials.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/cemetery-map-1903.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1904,1", "headline":"Burial: Mary Ann Atkins 13 September 1904", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-atkins-norris-norris-beckett-1586441766.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Mary Ann Atkins 13 September 1904" } }, { "startDate":"1905,1", "headline":"Burial: Sylvia Edna Tomblin 17 June 1905", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-jones-jones-tomlin-1621008851.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Sylvia Edna Tomblin 17 June 1905" } }, { "startDate":"1905,1", "headline":"Burial: Josiah East 17 October 1905", "text":"From Chesham, a wood turner like his father, went on to become a successful timber merchant in Limehouse, London, married with five children, before returning to Berkhamsted after the death of his wife. As well as successfully upwardly mobile, he held prominent positions in society - Justice of the Peace in London, President of the local Free Church Council, Superintendnet of Baptist Boys Sunday School, Chairman of the Berkhamsted School Board", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//east-plot-6-1589009356.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Josiah East 17 October 1905" } }, { "startDate":"1906,1", "headline":"Burial: Violet Collins (1024?) 6 March 1906", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//violet-collins-1024-plot-2-1586442043.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Violet Collins (1024?) 6 March 1906" } }, { "startDate":"1906,1", "headline":"Cowper Society visit", "text":"As part of the Cowper anniversary celebrations, members of the Cowper Society visit the Cemetery 'where his relatives are buried' ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1908,1", "headline":"New Cemetery Fund", "text":"George Pearce, the Parish Sexton dies and Levi Newell becomes first full-time Cemetery Caretaker. A new wall erected in the Cemetery is defrayed out of balance in hand of the New Cemetery Fund Account.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1911,1", "headline":"King George V", "text":"George, son of King Edward VII, ascends to the throne ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/george-v-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1913,1", "headline":"Burial: Arthur Bernard Timson 28 January 1913", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//arthur-bernard-timson-1611510708.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Arthur Bernard Timson 28 January 1913" } }, { "startDate":"1914,1", "headline":"Burial: Vera Sumner 28 December 1914", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//sumner-plot-1589191266.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Vera Sumner 28 December 1914" } }, { "startDate":"1914,1", "headline":"Burial: William Cheeld 29 March 1914", "text":"William Cheeld was a successful grocer, selling tea, sugar and wine in the East End of London. Around 1861-63 he moved with his family to escape the slums of Bethnal Green and opened a grocer’s shop on Berkhamsted High Street. He lived with his family on Charles Street and later on Doctors Commons Road. The grocery business was a huge success and William died a wealthy man. ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//cheeld-plot-1589187000.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: William Cheeld 29 March 1914" } }, { "startDate":"1914,1", "headline":"1914 Cemetery accounts", "text":"The Berkhamsted Churchwardens pay in £10 to 'restoring arch'. It is not clear if this this refers to the Memorial Arch.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1914,1", "headline":"World War I", "text":"The First World War breaks out and over 200 men and boys from Berkhamsted are killed in action", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/WWI-banner-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1915,1", "headline":"1915 Cemetery accounts", "text":"Rector expends £5.8.5 for 'preparing New Ground' (referring to the planned extension). Parishioners are asked to tend the graves of friends and remove flowers as soon as they are dead.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1916,1", "headline":"Burial: Robert Gregory 7 April 1916", "text":"Started life as a butler on the Hadden family's Rossway Estate, whose business was a Ceylon coffee plantation. Married a housemaid and had two daughters. On failure of Hadden business he lost his job and the family their home. Took on the running of The Falkland Arms, St Pancras. Returned to Berkhamsted and bought large house on Kings Road which he named Falkland House. Successfully upwardly mobile family who ended up employing servants, but losing one of their daughters to an early death.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//gregory-plot-3-1589028369.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Robert Gregory 7 April 1916" } }, { "startDate":"1916,1", "headline":"F. Martin caretaker", "text":"Proceedings against John Morsely, Sexton. Levi Newell joins the army. F. Martin begins to be paid annual sum for Cemetery caretaking work.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1917,1", "headline":"1917 interments", "text":"WWI is in progress, but one local newspaper finds it noteworthy to record the fact ‘The interments in three weeks in Berkhamsted Cemetery included five parishioners whose ages were 92, 85, 80, 78, and 77 — perhaps as a counterbalance to all the stories of young men losing their lives in the war.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1918,1", "headline":"Burial: Sister Hannah Maud Cottingham 27 October 1918", "text":"Sister Maud Cottingham was a Red Cross nurse, originally from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland. During WWI she was the Matron of the Beeches military Hospital, Berkhamsted.She succumbed to the Spanish Flu epidemic and died on 27 October 1918, aged 31. Maud died far from home, and the Inns of Court Regiment, who ran a training camp at Berkhamsted, paid for her memorial in Rectory Lane Cemetery as a mark of love and respect for her care to the young men in the regiment.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero/hannah.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Sister Hannah Maud Cottingham 27 October 1918" } }, { "startDate":"1919,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Captain Rupert Norman Gould Atkinson 7 March 1919", "text":"Captain Rupert Norman Gould Atkinson served in WWI with the Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front and was awarded the M.C., the D.F.C. in 1918 and the Belgian Croix de Guerre. When he returned home on leave, he fell victim to the Spanish Flu pandemic and died of pneumonia aged only 22, having survived four and a half years war service. His CWGC headstone, inscribed with the insignia of the RAF, sits in a prominent position next to the Arch at the centre of the Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//capt-atkinson-nb-366-moved-1586396351.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Captain Rupert Norman Gould Atkinson 7 March 1919" } }, { "startDate":"1919,1", "headline":"Change of caretakers", "text":"Mr F. Martin ceases to care for the Cemetery. He received £42.4.4 for works Easter 1918-19. Ernest Porrett appointed caretaker. Plans are prepared to show the work required to prepare the ground of the extension.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1920,1", "headline":"Burial: Peggy May Jones 18 February 1920", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-jones-jones-tomlin-1621008851.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Peggy May Jones 18 February 1920" } }, { "startDate":"1920,1", "headline":"1920 appeal", "text":"An appeal is made for £500 for 'laying out the additional ground - now a matter of extreme urgency'. Larger rate-payers in the parish are castigated for not contributing to the Cemetery extension project!", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1921,1", "headline":"Second Cemetery Extension", "text":"Delayed by the War, the Cemetery extension planned in 1903 is finally consecrated in 1921 (excluding the upper terrace) by the Bishop of St Albans.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1924,1", "headline":"Burial: Frank Waterton 19 August 1924", "text":"Frank Waterton was originally from Potten End. He spent his life working on the railways as a railway goods guard. He was married to Mary Ann Paine from Buckinghamshire and they had four children. The family moved around with Frank's work, living in Carlton, Islington in London and finally returning to Berkhamsted by 1911. Frank died in 1924 aged 71.", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cemetery-hero-1-bw.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Frank Waterton 19 August 1924" } }, { "startDate":"1924,1", "headline":"1924 gift of land", "text":"In 1924, Earl Brownlow donates nearly 2 acres of additional land at the top of the hill. A further extension of the Cemetery is planned here, with an access path running across the southern edge and new entrance gates on Three Close Lane and Chesham Road. The additional field is conveyed to Ecclesiastical Commissioners by Earl Brownlow's representatives  However, this extension scheme is never executed.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/cemetery-map-1924.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1927,1", "headline":"Burial: Alice Noel Bailey 8 July 1927", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//alice-noel-bailey-1612369002.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Alice Noel Bailey 8 July 1927" } }, { "startDate":"1928,1", "headline":"Burial: Jane Lee 27 November 1928", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//henry-lee-719-plot-1589184970-541x1024.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Jane Lee 27 November 1928" } }, { "startDate":"1929,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Horace Frederick Allen 1 November 1929", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//horace-allen-x551-1586391015.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Horace Frederick Allen 1 November 1929" } }, { "startDate":"1931,1", "headline":"Cowper bicentenary", "text":"1931 marks the bicentenary of the birth of poet William Cowper, who was born at the Rectory in 1731.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1934,1", "headline":"Seat of Remembrance", "text":"A faculty is approved for the Seat of Remembrance, commissioned by Lucy Anne Foot in memory of her late husband,  Brigadier General Richard Mildmay Foot.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/seat-of-remembrance-cu.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1935,1", "headline":"Cooper family vault", "text":"Sir Richard Cooper's Faculty in connection with the family vault in Berkhamsted Churchyard is approved.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cooper-monument-hero-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1936,1", "headline":"Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson", "text":"After reigning for only a few months, Edward is forced to abdicate after his romance with  Wallis Simpson", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/edward-mrs-simpson-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1936,1", "headline":"King George VI", "text":"After the abdication crisis, the King's brother, Albert, becomes King George VI", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/george-vi-723x1024.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1937,1", "headline":"Burial: Richard Arthur Norris 12 July 1937", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//richard-arthur-norris-1617543282.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Richard Arthur Norris 12 July 1937" } }, { "startDate":"1937,1", "headline":"The Rex Picture House", "text":"Egerton House, the house associated with Peter Pan, is demolished and a new Art Deco cinema, the Rex, is erected", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/rex-picture-house.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Read more: Egerton House" } }, { "startDate":"1938,1", "headline":"Burial: Campbell Cowan Edgar (464) 10 May 1938", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//edgar-plot-1617968021.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Campbell Cowan Edgar (464) 10 May 1938" } }, { "startDate":"1939,1", "headline":"1939 in the Cemetery", "text":"Cemetery Wall repaired at cost of £86.9.0. Tree surgery costing £30.3.0. carried out ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1939,1", "headline":"World War II", "text":"The Second World War breaks out", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1940,1", "headline":"Burial: Frederick Norris 14 April 1940", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//frederick-norris-1586393587.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Frederick Norris 14 April 1940" } }, { "startDate":"1940,1", "headline":"Burial: Eliza Timson 30 March 1940", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//eliza-timson-1611520859.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Eliza Timson 30 March 1940" } }, { "startDate":"1943,1", "headline":"Burial: Margaret Crighton Temple Fischer 20 February 1943", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cemetery-hero-1-bw.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Margaret Crighton Temple Fischer 20 February 1943" } }, { "startDate":"1944,1", "headline":"Burial: Alfred Edwin East 17 January 1944", "text":"Son of furniture upholsterer and antique dealer, Stock Exchange Clerk. Appears to have been exempted from military service due to ill-health, and died at only 25 of infective endiocarditis (heart damage) which would have been treatable today. Buried with his mother and father", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//east-plot-2-1589193405.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Alfred Edwin East 17 January 1944" } }, { "startDate":"1944,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Lieutenant Robert Douglas Spendlove ("Bobbie") 8 August 1944", "text":"Robert Spendlove served in WWII in the South Staffordshire Regiment and was killed in action. His remains are buried at Fontenay-Le-Pesnel War Cemetery in France, and he is memorialised here in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-henley-spendlove-1589185096.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Lieutenant Robert Douglas Spendlove ("Bobbie") 8 August 1944" } }, { "startDate":"1944,1", "headline":"1944 in the Cemetery", "text":"Discussion on Satow gift for cemetery upkeep ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1945,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Private John Harold Bird 3 January 1945", "text":"John Harold Bird, worked for the Berkhamsted Co-op, driving their horse-drawn van. He lived with his wife and two daughters at 14 Cross Oak Road. During WWII he served as a Private in the 7th Hertfordshire Battalion of the Home Guard. He died of tuberculosis on 3rd January 1945 at the Hertfordshire County Sanatorium Ware Park. His grave in Rectory Lane Cemetery is marked with a CWGC headstone inscribed with his regimental insignia.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//john-harold-bird-1125-plot-1586548520.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Private John Harold Bird 3 January 1945" } }, { "startDate":"1945,1", "headline":"Burial: William Deacon 10 February 1945", "text":"Lived in The Pightle which became Highfield Road, one of four children of a gardener at New Lodge. Worked as a general labourer, lived with his widowed mother. Married a domestic servant and had six children. Became general labourer for the Berkhamsted Urban District Council. The Council inherited a faulty drainage and sewage system, and started to build estates at Gossoms End, Swing Gate Lane and Highfield. Moved to Holliday Street. Died age 86 , described as 'Council road foreman retired.'", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//deacon-plot-3-1589194465.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: William Deacon 10 February 1945" } }, { "startDate":"1946,1", "headline":"1946 in the Cemetery", "text":"Postcard regarding funeral of Ursula Palmer of the Oasis Café (Dean Incents) died aged 3 years. 50' of wall running east from Rectory Lane had collapsed ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1947,1", "headline":"Burial: Mary Ann Cook 3 January 1947", "text":"Mary Ann Cook and Edward (or Edwin) Cook lived on Highfield Road, Berkhamsted. They had 5 children. Mary died in 1949 and Edward in 1951. Their grave is inscribed with a verse from an anonymous poem, 'The Weaver', which likens the will of God to the work of a weaver at a loom: "Not until the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly, shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why."", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//cook-plot-3-1589192943.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Mary Ann Cook 3 January 1947" } }, { "startDate":"1948,1", "headline":"Burial: Blanche Galt Rowland 4 February 1948", "text":"Blanche Galt Patterson was born in 1877 in Maine, USA to Scottish parents. She emigrated to Britain around 1910-13 and married schoolmaster Thomas Rowland. They lived in Hendon and Harrow, and retired to Berkhamsted in 1939. Blanche died in 1948 and is buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//rowlands-plot-1589194036.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Blanche Galt Rowland 4 February 1948" } }, { "startDate":"1949,1", "headline":"Burial: Ida Marion Pearce (1155) 4 May 1949", "text":"Ida Marion Pearce was from Lincolnshire, her husband Charles was from the Isle of Wight. They moved to Berkhamsted before WWII and lived Shrublands Road. Tragedy struck the family twice: their only daughter Phyllis died in 1944, and Ida died in 1949. Mother and daughter share the same grave in Rectory Lane Cemetery. Widower Charles later moved away from Berkhamsted.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//pearce-plot-1589195549.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Ida Marion Pearce (1155) 4 May 1949" } }, { "startDate":"1950,1", "headline":"Burial: Frances Mary Elizabeth Norris 27 June 1950", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//frances-mary-elizabeth-norris-1586393304.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Frances Mary Elizabeth Norris 27 June 1950" } }, { "startDate":"1950,1", "headline":"Burial: Joseph Fletcher 9 January 1950", "text":"Joseph Fletcher was from Wendover. He and his wife Mary had a large family and lived at Gossom's End in Berkhamsted. He worked as a labourer and a drayman, transporting produce by a horse-drawn flatbed wagon. One of their sons, William John Fletcher (b.1898), fought in WWI and was killed in Belgium, just two days before Christmas 1917. Joseph died in 1950. He had outlived Mary and four of his seven children.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//joseph-fletcher-1119-plot-1589194405.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Joseph Fletcher 9 January 1950" } }, { "startDate":"1950,1", "headline":"1950 in the Cemetery", "text":"Correspondence in press regarding the neglected condition of the Cemetery - steps to be taken. Grant for upkeep (PCR May 50)", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1951,1", "headline":"Burial: Patricia Jean Beckett 10 February 1951", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-atkins-norris-norris-beckett-1586441766.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Patricia Jean Beckett 10 February 1951" } }, { "startDate":"1951,1", "headline":"1951 in the Cemetery", "text":"Trees in the Yew Avenue wired' so that persons could pass between them. Long section of wall facing TCL had collapsed and large portions demolished. Cost of repair £144.6.0. Remaining portion to be pointed at cost of £49.5.0. Cost of interments raised to £7. PCR Aug - Rector's letter re desecration by young ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1952,1", "headline":"Burial: Catherine Rolfe 8 October 1952", "text":"Catherine was born in 1882 in Islington to German parents. She and her husband Clifford Frank lived in West Ham, London. Their son, Clifford Conrad was born in 1908. Catherine's husband died in 1936 and she and her son came to Berkhamsted. They lodged with William Foster, a master baker, on Castle St. Clifford took work as a baker and Catherine as a domestic. She remarried In 1941 to John Edward Sparkes and was buried with John, her son-in-law.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//plot-for-rolfe-sparkes-1589194176.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Catherine Rolfe 8 October 1952" } }, { "startDate":"1952,1", "headline":"Queen Elizabeth II", "text":"Upon the death of George VI, the young Princess Elizabeth becomes queen of the United Kingdom", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/elizabeth-ii.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1953,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Colonel William Henry Arthur Douglas Sutton OBE 27 November 1953", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//william-henry-arthur-douglas-sutton-1587925512.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Colonel William Henry Arthur Douglas Sutton OBE 27 November 1953" } }, { "startDate":"1953,1", "headline":"Burial: Frederick Jones 23 April 1953", "text":"Frederick Jones was a Metropolitan Police constable in London. Originally from Ewhurst Surrey, he moved around, living in Croydon and Dagenham. He retired in 1908 and moved with his wife Lavinia to Hemel Hempstead where they ran a beer house. By 1939 the couple had moved to Gossoms End in Berkhamsted. Lavinia died in 1944, Frederick in 1953 aged 90. Both are buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//lavinia-ann-jones-1147-plot-1589195082.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Frederick Jones 23 April 1953" } }, { "startDate":"1954,1", "headline":"1954 in the Cemetery", "text":"Majority of 1924 land appropriated into Rectory Land and sold with Rectory (Deed of Appropriation 27th Sept) ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1955,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: John Ernest Porrett (286a) 10 December 1955", "text":"John Ernest Porret was from Forhoe in Norfolk. He was a market gardener by trade. He joined to fight in WWI. After the war John brought his family to Berkhamsted and they lived in Back Lane (now Church Lane). John served as the verger and sexton of St Peter’s Church for many years. When he died in 1955, he and his wife Elizabeth were living at 59 Cross Oak Road, Berkhamsted.", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cemetery-hero-1-bw.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: John Ernest Porrett (286a) 10 December 1955" } }, { "startDate":"1955,1", "headline":"1955 in the Cemetery", "text":"Brooks wages increased by 10/- per week. Oct 31st - Rector moves into new Rectory. Cowpers Well filled in. PCR April - surplus on cemetery PCR May - more trule with cemetery wall. PCR September - grass v. graves call on time ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1957,1", "headline":"1957 in the Cemetery", "text":"Mainenance Agreement for £200 for permanent upkeep of Col. Barrett's grave. The New Rectory in Rectory Lane was moved into", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1959,1", "headline":"Burial: George Thomas Sumner 22 November 1959", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//sumner-plot-1589191266.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: George Thomas Sumner 22 November 1959" } }, { "startDate":"1959,1", "headline":"Burial: Etta Hughes 31 July 1959", "text":"Etta Hughes (née Harrowell) was married to Ernest Hughes. In the 1910s they ran the Britannia Inn on Western Road, Tring. Etta died on 31st July 1959, aged 77, and was buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery with her husband.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//hughes-plot-1589194508.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Etta Hughes 31 July 1959" } }, { "startDate":"1960,1", "headline":"Burial: Edward Popple (875) 18 August 1960", "text":"Edward Popple was educated at Berkhamsted School. He was as a teacher for 48 years at Victoria Boys’ School, 36 of those years as Headmaster. He was Chairman of Berkhamsted Urban District Council 1945-1947, a founder member the Local History Society, led the town Music Festivals and sang in St. Peter’s Church Choir. He died in Manchester in 1960 and was brought back to Berkhamsted to be buried in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//popple-plot-2-1589188395.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Edward Popple (875) 18 August 1960" } }, { "startDate":"1961,1", "headline":"1961 in the Cemetery", "text":"Mrs War bequeathes £200 for upkeep of cemetery. New Churchyard Rules came into force on 1st December 1961 . Shocking vandalism July. Two mowers and Mr gurney ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1962,1", "headline":"Burial: Thomas James Semper Rowland 11 January 1962", "text":"Thomas J.S.Rowland was born in Canning Town on 22nd June 1878. He was both a Secondary school teacher and an author of children's educational books. He lived most of his life in Hendon and Harrow, but moved to Berkhamsted on his retirement, where he continued to write, including Progressive Science for Secondary Schools, published in 1958 when he was 80! His influence extended beyond the UK with some of his books housed in the National Library of Australia. He died on 11th January 1962.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//rowlands-plot-1589194036.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Thomas James Semper Rowland 11 January 1962" } }, { "startDate":"1962,1", "headline":"1962 in the Cemetery", "text":"Rector's Letter regarding the new Churchyard Rules. 'Saddled with; Millstone'. Letter of thanks to Mr Gurney who had made the Cemetery 'tidier than it had been for many a decade'. But by December it was said to be 'in a very dilapidated state'. Mr G.W Randle ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1967,1", "headline":"1967 in the Cemetery", "text":"Agreed to bring up at the P.C.C the matter of filling in the doorway in the Cemetery Wall. Mr Gurney 'no longer able to work there' (NB Last 'paid worker' employed to look after Cemetery (see 3/9/69) Mr Alsop felt he could 'keep the part up to the three Close Lane gate in fair order.Rentokil to be approached about spraying weedkiller on rest. Quotation to rebuild Rector's gate ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1968,1", "headline":"Burial: Charles Harrowell 22 September 1968", "text":"Born into a family of builders, Charlie Harrowell joined the Second Volunteer Company of the Bedford Regiment as a Private to fight in the Boer War. On his return he started his own brick-making and building company, developing several properties. Got married. In May 1916 enlisted in the Royal Naval Air Service as an Aircraftman First Class in Wandsworth and Purfleet, working as a carpenter. After the war returned to his thriving housebuilding business.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//harrowell-plot-3-1589194738.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Charles Harrowell 22 September 1968" } }, { "startDate":"1968,1", "headline":"1968 in the Cemetery", "text":"Permission to build Gas Governor granted ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1970,1", "headline":"Burial: Fanny Caroline Biggerstaff (1882-1962) 1 January 1970", "text":"Fanny Caroline Biggerstaff (née Gomm) was a Berkhamsted dressmaker. She married Edward Biggerstaff in 1905 and they lived in Provident Place. Their son, Edward James, served in the Royal Navy and was lost at sea in 1940. Their daughter Audrey Marguerite died only four years later, aged 18. Fanny was widowed in 1958 and died in 1962, aged 79.", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cemetery-hero-1-bw.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Fanny Caroline Biggerstaff (1882-1962) 1 January 1970" } }, { "startDate":"1970,1", "headline":"1970 in the Cemetery", "text":"Cost of Rentokil spraying would be £228. Mr Alsop 'retired'. The possibility of keeping sheep to be investigated. Local authorities to be approached 'to see whether they would help with maintenance' . Estate to north under construction ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1971,1", "headline":"Burial: George Arthur Catherall 19 January 1971", "text":"George Arthur Catherall grew up in Charles Street Berkhamsted. By the time of his mother’s death in 1935 his occupation was given as Private Secretary. When George died in 1971 he was living in Ashlyns Road. He was buried in Rectory Lane Cemtery with his mother, Rosa Sarah Catherall.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//catherall-plot-2-1589185665.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: George Arthur Catherall 19 January 1971" } }, { "startDate":"1973,1", "headline":"1973 in the Cemetery", "text":"Garden City Services undertake the 1973 Weed Control Programme. Chain link fience erected at top ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1974,1", "headline":"Burial: Chris (Christabel) Batchelor (1892-1974) 21 January 1974", "text":"Christabel ("Chris" on her gravestone) was from Farnborough, Warwickshire. At 18 she entered service as a maid at Netherfield, a lrge country house near Ware, Hertfordshire. She married an army dispatch rider, Joseph Batchelor, in 1917. After the war they lived in Hemel Hempstead. Joseph died in 1951 and Christabel moved to the Isle of Wight, where she died in 1974. She was buried with her husband Joseph in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//batchelor-plot-5-1589184915.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Chris (Christabel) Batchelor (1892-1974) 21 January 1974" } }, { "startDate":"1974,1", "headline":"1974 in the Cemetery", "text":"Elms above the southern boundary being felled because they are diseased. Post and wire fence damaged. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1975,1", "headline":"Burial: Rose Lilian East 7 December 1975", "text":"Worked as a housemaid, then unqualified monthly nurse assisting new mothers for Berkhamsted Nursing Association (the forerunners of district nurses). Trained and qualified as a certified midwife. Married, mother of two sons (one predeceasing her due to heart damage as a result of rheumatic fever). Widowed, moved to Chesham, returned to be buried with husband and son in Rectory Lane Cemetery", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//east-plot-2-1589193405.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Rose Lilian East 7 December 1975" } }, { "startDate":"1975,1", "headline":"1975 in the Cemetery", "text":"Posssible for cremated remains to be buried in Rectory Lane (but facility shortly to be provided in St Peters Churchyard). Chief Engineer at Dacorum District Council had stated the 1842 section would make 'a very nice little amenity' ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1976,1", "headline":"1976 in the Cemetery", "text":"Closure of Lower Cemetery (9 June). Drive for volunteers. J. Ambrose organiser. Bonfire had damaged Cemetery wall and trees. Letter to Congregation from C. Morris asking for volunteers", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1978,1", "headline":"1978 in the Cemetery", "text":"Maintenance of Rectory Lane Cemetery by Dacorum District Council was again 'very unsatisfactory'.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1979,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Emma Ada Bunn 28 December 1979", "text":"Emma Ada White married James Bunn in 1913. They lived on Shrublands Avenue. During WWI her husband served on the Western Front with the Royal Engineers. In WWII, their son, Maurice Alec Bunn (b.1914) became an RAF Pilot Officer but was killed in a plane crash in 1941. After her death in 1979, Emma's was one of the later burials in Rectory Lane after the Cemetery had been closed to new burials in 1946. Their daughter Marjorie was buried here in 1996.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//maurice-alex-bunn-623-plot-1586615221.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Emma Ada Bunn 28 December 1979" } }, { "startDate":"1981,1", "headline":"1981 in the Cemetery", "text":"Persons doing community service through NACRO to maintain churchyards investigated through Probation Officer ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1982,1", "headline":"1982 in the Cemetery", "text":"Diocesan Synod (22nd May) in agreement that Section 5 of 1853 Burial Act should be repealed (to allow closure of rest of Rectory Lane Cemetery). Area set aside for cremated remains in St Peters Churchyard ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1984,1", "headline":"1984 in the Cemetery", "text":"Graveyard of Shame' Article Broken parapet and the 'archway's broken stone plinth' needed attention ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1985,1", "headline":"1985 in the Cemetery", "text":"More vandalism 'including attempts to destroy the old archway'. MSC scheme used to repair the brickwork. Photo of 'team from Elfrida Rathbone Society clearing the Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1987,1", "headline":"1987 in the Cemetery", "text":"Letter from C. Morris to DBC - walls in Three Close Lane are 'in an appalling condition'. Mr Burgess states he only has a budget of £2000. The lower terrace is never touched and I have been trying for years to get the yews trimmed to reduce the shelter they provide for vandalism. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1990,1", "headline":"Burial: Ada Margrave 14 September 1990", "text":"Ada Ellen was born on in 1895 in Northchurch. She worked in Berkhamsted as a lithographic machine operator. She married late in life at the age of 50 to Thomas Margrave. When Ada died in 1990 she was living in Manor Street. ", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//margrave-plot-5-1589194076.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Ada Margrave 14 September 1990" } }, { "startDate":"1990,1", "headline":"1990 in the Cemetery", "text":" Trees Felled to stop Cemetery Vandals (Article) A list of graves had been drawn up by the Berkhamsted Archaeological Society. Spring Maintenance on 24th March - helpers sought; ploughmans lunch to follow. Council doing a lot of work in Lower Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1991,1", "headline":"1991 in the Cemetery", "text":"Faculty to remove gravestones in Lower Cemetery by PCC/Work by District Council. Three red seats installed. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1992,1", "headline":"1992 in the Cemetery", "text":"Work undertaken 'removing gravestones' ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1996,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Marjorie Bunn 22 January 1996", "text":"Marjorie Bunn (b.1922) came from a military family; her father, James Bunn, served in WWI on the Western Front, and her brother, Maurice, an RAF Pilot Officer, was killed in a plane crash in WWII. Rectory Lane Cemetery was closing to new burials, and her family had to get special permission for a family plot here. Marjorie died in 1996 and was interred next to her brother and parents, one of the last burials in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//maurice-alex-bunn-623-plot-1586615221.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Marjorie Bunn 22 January 1996" } }, { "startDate":"1996,1", "headline":"1996 in the Cemetery", "text":"Christopher Morris 'wished to relinquish responsibility for the Cemetery'. Mr Barrett decided to 'discontinue his contract with the PCC. Sunnyside Rural Trust to take on grasscutting on a trial basis.", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"1998,1", "headline":"Burial: Cyril Kingham 5 April 1998", "text":"Cyril Kingham was the Chief Clerk in the National Westminster Bank in Berkhamsted. He never married but lived in Chapel Street with his sister into old age. He died in 1998 aged 97; although Rectory Lane Cemetery was closed to new burials, he was allowed to be buried in the Kingham family plot here, one of the last burials in this Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//kingham-plot-5-1589188199.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Cyril Kingham 5 April 1998" } }, { "startDate":"1999,1", "headline":"1999 in the Cemetery", "text":"CWGC graves erected to Serjt B. Perry and Lieut. E.G Wilmore; Berkhamsted Review - Article by john Cook on 'Grave Records' and names used. Borough cutting whole cemetery ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2003,1", "headline":"2003 in the Cemetery", "text":"War Memorial in Lower Cemetery ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2005,1", "headline":"Burial: Mary Wimbush (361 31 October 2005", "text":"Resisting family expectations, Mary Wimbush pursued her dream and forged a successful acting career spanning 60 years. Starting out at the Amersham Rep, she had roles in theatre, film, TV and radio, including Poldark (1975) and Jeeves and Wooster (1990). She is best remembered for playing Julia Pargeter in The Archers on BBC Radio 4. She died at a recording at the BBC Birmingham studios in 2005, and was interred in the family plot, one of the later burials in Rectory Lane Cemetery.", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/hero//mary-wimbush-361-1588030372.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Mary Wimbush (361 31 October 2005" } }, { "startDate":"2010,1", "headline":"2010 in the Cemetery", "text":"Survey Questionnaire. C. Greene article on TCL - PCR April ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2011,1", "headline":"2011 in the Cemetery", "text":"Meeting exploring establishment of Friends of Rectory Lane Cemetery (11 November). The Gazette 28th Dec 2011 carried article on 'Campaigners are calling for a neglected cemetery to be cleaned up to preserve the memory of the wa heroes buried there'. DBC Green Space Strategy 2011-2016 recommending action to restore TCL ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2013,1", "headline":"2013 in the Cemetery", "text":"Friends of St Peters launched (May 15). Paper by C. Green. Lichen Survey. Meeting (29 July) re proposals for work. Long Exchange within DBC re responsibilities for closed churchyards ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2014,1", "headline":"The Friends of St Peter’s is launched", "text":"The Friends of St Peter's is established as a charitable trust to care for St Peter's Church and its cemetery", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/hods-launch-day-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2017,1", "headline":"Heritage Lottery Funding", "text":"The Friends of St Peter's wins £907,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore Rectory Lane Cemetery for the community", "asset": { "media":"https://www.rectorylanecemetery.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/garve-restoration-lottery-1024x576.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2020,1", "headline":"2020 in the Cemetery", "text":"Completion of HLF Funded Project. NFCF Conference postponed through Covid 19. ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2021,1", "headline":"2021 in the Cemetery", "text":"Kate Campell stays on as Community Engagement Officer ", "asset": { "media":"", "credit":"", "caption":"" } }, { "startDate":"2022,1", "headline":"\"poppy\"Burial: Harry John Willmore 21 January 2022", "text":"", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cemetery-hero-1-bw.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"Burial: Harry John Willmore 21 January 2022" } }, { "startDate":"2019,1", "headline":"The Future", "text":"

What does the future hold for the Cemetery?

", "asset": { "media":"/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/kids-volunteers.jpg", "credit":"", "caption":"" } } ] } }