Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Art, photography, writing and theatre groups

Berkhamsted is a town that attracts many creative people — painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptors, film makers, writers, actors. Rectory Lane Cemetery’s unique blend of Victorian heritage, ecology and atmosphere makes it an inspiring place for artists and other creative people.

Perhaps it started with William Claridge, Victorian artist and the town’s first photographer, who is buried here.

Examples of art inspired by the Cemetery include:

  • Architect of volunteer facility
  • Landscape design
  • Designers of benches (Andrew Ingham, Chan Brisco, Hazel Godfrey
  • Atmospheric photography
  • Creative writing and poetry
  • Memorial illustration
  • Digital illustration
  • Floral artistry
  • Cemetery Stories children’s entry




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