Janice Boakes | Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

Janice Boakes

Janice is Secretary of the Berkhamsted Local History and Museum Society.  An experienced local historian and genealogy researcher, she has contributed significantly to the body of life stories of those buried in the cemetery that the project is capturing on the website.   Particularly, she undertook research to discover all those buried in the cemetery who lost their lives in or just after, each of the World Wars, but who did not have a Commonwealth Memorial War Grave or appear on the war memorial outside St Peter’s Church.  “Families had to apply to have their loved ones included in the CWG scheme so it is possible that with the post war upheaval, and in the case of WW1 the Spanish flu, that there may be some omissions. Also, some people died later due to very terrible injuries.”  As a result we have a comprehensive list of names which will be added to the new War Memorial in the Garden of Remembrance.
Janice has also co-written two books with Jenny Sherwood: Berkhamsted in WW1 and Men of Berkhamsted: Lest We Forget, published by the Berkhamsted Local History and Museum Society.