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Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted

poppy Maurice Alex Bunn (623) plot


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Memorial details

Family name Bunn
Burial date Not known
Burial capacity 2 (1 used)
Burial depth Not known
From burial books?
Burial visible (2019)?
Burial visible (1991)?   

Pilot officer M. A. Bunn RAF VR died on active service, inscription on 13/34 – 623 monument with parents, buried in adjoining plot along with his sister Marjorie.

The headstone bears the insignia of the Royal air Force with the motto “Per Ardua ad Astra” (“Through Adversity to the Stars”).

The epitaph reads:

Too soon it seemed God called him home
and closed that bright and brief career,
but who can say he did not finish his appointed mission here.
S0  weep not o’er the grave of youth.
In unseen fields they labour still,
their earthly work complete,
they go some greater purpose to fulfil

Condition: good


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