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Sterne plot


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Memorial details

Family name Sterne
Burial date Not known
Burial capacity 3 (2 used)
Burial depth Not known
From burial books?
Burial visible (2019)?
Burial visible (1991)?   

Arthur Sterne was born in Berkhamsted the second youngest child of Harry and Emma. It was a large family of 9 children. Arthur is the babe in arms in the photo below.

They lived in Charles Street and later 14 Montague Road. After his father’s death in 1904 his mother set up a Laundry in Angle Place, Berkhamsted.

Arthur married Beatrice Sear on 18 January 1911 at St Peter’s Streatham, Lambeth. At the time Arthur was a Chauffeur. Beatrice was originally from St Albans. By the time of the Census of that year Arthur had moved to Great Malvern, Worcestershire, where he was a chauffeur at Foley Arcues Hotel. His wife was living with his brother, Harry, at 86 High Street Berkhamsted.

In 1914 their daughter Joan Cicely Sterne was born in Hambledon. Sometime after this Arthur joined the RASC as Private M2/149972. He served abroad because at the end of the war he was entitled to the Victory and British War Medals.

After the war Arthur became a chauffeur for Earl Egmont at Avon Castle, Ringwood, Hampshire. He died on 13 April 1921 at Royal Victoria Hospital Boscombe Hampshire of Meningitis after being ill for only a few days. He was 34 and left behind a widow and a young daughter.

Beatrice moved to Australia in Jan 1924 with her daughter Joan Cicely. In 1930 she married Ernest Ferdinand Wieland, in Victoria, Australia. She died there in 1948.

Condition: good


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